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Apollon Nutrition’s Liver Lover is the Ultimate Organ and Liver Support formula. This supplement is great for those on or coming off a prohormone cycle or an oral cycle or just to take for overall health and to support against environmental toxins

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Your organs play just as important of a role in helping you achieve and maintain all aspects of what it takes to be a bad-ass.

The liver especially takes a beating as it serves as a master filter of the blood, preventing contaminants from circulating in the body.

Liver Lover was engineered to support all aspects of a healthy liver.

Supplying an impressive 1200mg of NAC + 300mg of TUDCA would easily qualify this as one of the premier liver support supplements on the market. But, we didn’t stop there.

We also included 1000mg of milk thistle and 1000mg of reishi mushroom to support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory and detoxification pathways.

LIVER LOVER is safe for men and women and offers an excellent solution for active individuals seeking supreme liver support!

Direction of Use: 1 serving with any of your meal or split the serving and spread across meals

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