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We are all made of something special. So tell us what is your secret ingredient?
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Supporting Athletes Since 2022

The genesis of Cross Border Supps came in because we saw many who lack the understanding of what a good supplement can do to their overall physique (Just talking about natural supplements here). There are many highly studied ingredients and research being done all around the world to understand how they can be utilised to enhance a physique. We want to bring those supplements to our shore (India), and have you experience what a good supplement can do. No false promises or gimmicks.
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Pushing the limits
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Cross Border Supps was created with the only one focus in mind; Give the best supplements to customers at the best possible price. We bring supplements from across the border. Companies you may not heard of. However, If you search online, you’ll find nothing but spectacular reviews from real people who have used them. We take pride in bringing you these very niche brands and a promise to not cheat or sell fake products.