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Bake Nutrition ® Whey Blend

Bake Nutrition ® Whey Blend

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Bake Nutrition Whey Blend

Product Details

- Trademarked Whey from Volactive: 24gms (50% Isolate and 50% Concentrate) of premium grass fed whey protein per serving.

- 50mg of Astragin for Kidney support and nutrient uptake

- Digezyme: This blend of digestive enzymes ensures better absorption

- 50/50 Isolate and Concentrate Blend: This balanced blend provides a mix of rapid absorption from whey isolate and sustained release from whey concentrate, offering both immediate and long-lasting protein benefits.

Why you should Use

- Bake Nutrition introduces its Grass-Fed Whey Protein, crafted by Volactive and distinguished by its trademarked whey, ensuring top-notch quality.

- Ultra filtrated using low pressure and temperature

- Halal and Kosher certified

- Non-GMO, Soy Free, and rBGH free

How to Use

Direction of use:

1 Scoop with 200ml water or milk Pre-training along with some carbohydrates to fuel your training and to maintain healthy amino acid flow in the body throughout the training

1 Scoop with 200ml of water or milk Post-training along with some carbohydrates for better muscle recovery and cell repair

For individuals who do not train and want to meet their protein requirements for the day: 1 Scoop with 200ml water or milk with any meal

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