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Core Bolic V2- Natural Muscle Builder

Core Bolic V2- Natural Muscle Builder

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Core BOLIC V2—an innovative fusion of heavily studied ingredients meticulously crafted to elevate your capabilities. At its core are three remarkable components: PeptiStrong™, Maral Root Extract, and Camellia sinensis Extract, (fortified by the bioenhancing prowess of BioPerine®. Together, these elements unlock a world of possibilities that extend beyond the ordinary.

- PeptiStrong™ for muscle protein synthesis, recovery, and overall muscle hypertrophy.
- Maral Root Extract, sourced from Rhaponticum carthamoides elevates adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, enhance muscle protein synthesis and muscle recovery, and improve muscular strength.
- Camellia sinensis Extract standardized to an impressive 90% Epicatechin to promote muscle growth, strength, nitric oxide production, and overall heart and brain health.

Why you should Use

- All natural and Zero Side effects
- Builds muscle with better Muscle Protein Synthesis
- Reduces muscle soreness and helps you train frequently
- Increases recovery capability

How to Use

Direction of use:

Take 4 capsules with food pre or post training with food.

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