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Vikram Sudarshan

Vikram is the first CBS Athlete because he wraps up everything CBS stands for and is a really knowledgeable coach who cares for his athletes and their health.

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Sumer Rawat

Meet a 22-year-old Indian powerlifter with his sights set on the 2024 national championship. While he excels in the squat, bench, and deadlift, his approach to training is anything but conventional.

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Priyanshi Chawrasiya

Priyanshi’s journey began at 18 during the COVID lockdown with YouTube 7 day-ab challenges and extreme diets, just like many beginners. Soon she realised that these methods weren’t making her any stronger, only weaker. She finally turned to her dad’s dumbbells and started learning about proper nutrition. She discovered that being healthy wasn’t just about eating less but about eating the right things.

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