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Combat Fuel Pumped Up- V2

Combat Fuel Pumped Up- V2

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Combat Fuel Pumped Up V2

Product Details

This is a full spectrum stimulant free pump pre-workout. Everything you’d expect in a pre-workout simply minus the stimulants making is a perfect go-to for late-night training as well as its intended use as an incredible pump pre-workout.

- L-Citrulline for blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles by increasing nitric oxide levels.
- GlycerSize™ is a patented form of glycerol powder that enhances hydration and muscle fullness.
- Beta-Alanine boosts carnosine levels in muscles, buffering acid buildup and delaying muscle fatigue.
- Betaine Anhydrous supports muscle strength and power by enhancing muscle protein synthesis and improving hydration levels.
- Taurine helps with cell hydration and muscle contraction. It can improve exercise performance and reduce muscle damage.
- CDP-Choline enhances cognitive function and focus. It is a source of choline, which is essential for brain health and mental clarity.
- Nitrosigine® Increases nitric oxide levels for better blood flow, which can enhance muscle pumps, endurance, and recovery.
- AmentoPump® is a natural flavonoid that can enhance muscle contraction, strength, and endurance

Why you should Use

This products is combined with efficacious dosages of high quality ingredients to give you skin splitting pumps and focus throughout the training session.

With 6gram of L-Citrulline, 5gram of GlycerSize™, 3.2gram of Beta-Alanine, 1.5gram of Betaine Anhydrous, 1.5gram of Nitrosigine®, this is a powerhouse for pumps.

Adding to that is CPD-Cholline for focus and AmentoPump® at 300mg for better muscle contraction and strength.

How to Use

Direction of use:

15 minutes prior to a workout, mix 1 scoop (22g) with 300ml of water.

Note: Ensure you drink enough water throughout the training session for the best experience with the product.

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