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Chemical Warfare Trident Natural Muscle Builder

Chemical Warfare Trident Natural Muscle Builder

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Product Details

Chemical Warfare brings you the enhanced formula of Trident which is designed to promote extreme gains and muscular development. This highly dosed formula comes in vegan-friendly, easy-to-swallow capsules, ensuring everyone can benefit from these powerful ingredients.

- Ajuga Turkenstanica: A potent plant extract known for its muscle-building and strength-enhancing properties.

- Laxogenin: A natural anabolic agent that supports muscle growth, strength, and recovery without the side effects associated with synthetic anabolic steroids.

- Epicatechin: A bioactive compound that helps inhibit myostatin, a protein that limits muscle growth, thereby promoting increased muscle mass and strength.

- Ecdysterone: Main compound in spinach extract. That is a steroid that occurs naturally in plants and belongs to a class called phytosterols, which are "structurally similar to cholesterol." Previous studies in mammals have shown that ecdysteriods have a wide range of beneficial effects.

Why you should Use

- The potent formula can be taken by men and women who are looking to get an edge in their training performance and physique.

- The blend of Ajuga Turkenstanica, Laxogenin, Epicatechin, and Ecdysterone will have a profound affect on recovery, joint health, protein synthesis and endurance.

How to Use

Direction of use:

Take 2 capsule per day with meals

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