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VascuMAX – The Legendary Stim-Free Pump Pre Workout!

With a huge serving of over 15g of active ingredients, VascuMax is a serious pump powerhouse. VascuMAX Pro combines several state of the art ingredients in one great-tasting formula that doesn’t aim to stim you out or make you feel like you’re off your face.

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VascuMAX is renowned for its long lasting effects that last to the end of your workout, and hours after. The fact that its stimulant and beta alanine free means you don’t have to worry about the sometimes uncomfortable tingles and can focus solely on your workout. It can also be used late at night if you don’t want your sleep interrupted by stimulants.

Many athletes either take it on its own, or stack it with a stim-pre workout

  • Pump focused pre-workout
  • Very highly dosed
  • Advanced FruitFlow® & Cyclic Dextrin transportation system

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