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MealMax is a meal replacement/weight gainer supplement which is made from whole foods. No Maltodextrin or any cheap ingredients. MealMax is a one-stop shop whole food-based formulation.

Protein Source: Dairy and Soy. Carb Source: Oat flour, Waxy Maize.


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Formulated to offer a flexible 400 to 900 kcal serving size. Even at the smallest serving it boasts 28g of protein, of which + 20g is from complete whole protein sources (dairy and soy), with the 250g mass serve yielding a whopping 60g. There are no thickeners, gums or stabilisers, meaning fast digestion and no uncomfortable bloat. However, the product may settle once made – this is normal and desired as the liquid will leave the stomach quickly leaving you less full and ready to train hard.

MealMAX has subtle flavouring to avoid becoming sickly with regular use and is easily mixed by shaking with water, milk, or non-dairy milk to suit your taste, although it is designed with water in mind.

MealMAX can be used in a few ways. Powerlifters and strongmen use it alongside a meal at a full (250g) or half (125g) serving to “supplement” their total caloric intake for the day, while not affecting digestive transit time. Others may choose to use it at either serving size to “fill a gap” between meals.

MealMAX is beneficial post workout in place of a traditional shake as it provides low and high GI carbohydrates along with a wide spectrum of proteins, offering effective and smart recovery from training. KEY BENEFITS:

• Effective muscle recovery and repair
• Energy replacement
• 2:1 carb:protein in a 125g serving

125g serving: mix 2.5 scoops with 250ml of water and consume. 250g serving: mix 5 scoops with 400ml of water and consume. MealMAX is our whole food-based protein and carb blend with added MCT’s.

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