Core Pump- The Full-Spectrum Non-Stimulant Pre-Workout

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Core PUMP is not merely a “pump product.” Hence the well-earned tagline, full-spectrum non-stimulant pre-workout. Core Pump houses 6gms of Citrulline, 2.5gms of Betaine Nitrates (NO3-T) unlike 1gm to 1.5gms that other brands do, Peak O2 at its clinical dose of 2gms, HydroMax at 2gms and Alpha GPC at 600mg for focus.

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Non-stimulant pre-workouts typically have a single purpose: increase localized blood flow. That is, deliver a “pump.” The debate surrounding so-called “pump products” is a fair one: are there any physiological benefits to the products? For Core PUMP, this debate is irrelevant – because Core PUMP is not merely a “pump product.” Hence the well-earned tagline, full-spectrum non-stimulant pre-workout.

Core PUMP’s emphasis is what we call a “performance pump” – that is, increasing localized blood flow with a purpose. And the purpose is delivering real, measurable increases to key markers in exercise physiology, such as total time to exhaustion and peak power. We achieve the performance pump in Core PUMP by including ingredients that not only increase dilatory tone – and therefore elicit the “pump” effect – but do so while delivering real performance benefits. Beta Alanine, for example, is well-established to increase endurance, stamina, and peak power output – but it additionally increases blood flow. L-Citrulline is well-established to increase blood flow, but it also increases peak power output. In other words, each ingredient in Core PUMP facilitates the dual purpose behind the performance pump: delivering you the gratifying feeling of a pump, but also servicing your goal of progression.

Beyond its demonstrable performance benefits, PUMP also tastes amazing. We taste tested literally dozens of rounds of PUMP for a flavor matrix that combined amazing taste – which is difficult, if you know the taste of these ingredients! – and a mouth feel that made PUMP eminently drinkable. We think you will agree that we found that combination. Black Lightning, Cherry Burst, and Tropic Thunder are potent enough to deliver the flavor you want, while subtle enough to be sipped and enjoyed – a quality fairly unique to the pump product category, where most products are choked down with a pinched nose.

In sum, the new Core PUMP represents the best non-stim preworkout supplement that Core Nutritionals has to offer: amazing formula with a purpose, combined with great taste.

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Core Pump

Australian Gummy Snakes, Cherry Burst, Sour Candy, Strawberry Colada, Tropic Thunder, Watermelon Grape

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  1. ritu_lifts

    This is an all rounder when stacked with a good stim pre , gives you the focus and extra push ,was my favourite non stim pre before i tried beast pump 🤐just being honest

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